Welcome to my brand new website for Lake District On Board! This has been produced with tremendous support from my friends at Mintcake Digital in Kendal.

It replaces the original website which was produced in 2014 after I realised how difficult it was to find up to date and complete information for bus, boat and train services across the Lake District and Cumbria. Transport services and timetables frequently change and many other websites don’t keep up with these changes which can be frustrating for visitors who are trying to explore the area without a car.

SY Gondola, Coniston Water

I also realised there are no complete guides which match public transport services to the Lake District attractions which they visit. It is easy to travel around the Lakes by public transport and visit the many attractions in the area but it isn’t so easy to know which transport services visit which attractions.

So, after much research and exploring across the area, Lake District On Board was born. This was a basic website written with my basic HTML knowledge and I was very pleased with the result at the time but technology marches on and it lacked user friendly elements especially on mobile devices. The site has also become more and more popular so I wanted to improve the user experience and ensure it looked good on different devices.

The new website is hopefully much more user friendly and includes additional useful information, for example interactive maps of exact bus routes. Also included now are suggested itineraries which provide days out and adventures across the Lakes using different modes of transport and visiting the best attractions along the way.

Windermere Train, Lakes Line

There are over 80 different attractions included, something for all tastes and plenty to keep you going. Some of these are popular towns and villages which may have a number of different attractions within them. All attractions have a brief description and links to further information, including which transport services visit them.

Some towns, villages and attractions are outside the Lake District National Park, but still within the county of Cumbria. These are included if they are visited by Lake District public transport services. Some of these towns are important transport hubs where Lake District and national transport services meet, so visitors may well end up there even if only passing through. All have their own attractions and accommodations.

Travelling by public transport is often more enjoyable and less hassle than driving and also significantly helps to protect this wonderful environment by reducing vehicle numbers. I hope this website allows others to enjoy the same experiences.

Now all we need is an end to Coronavirus restrictions and be able to fully enjoy public transport and attractions across the Lake District again.

Any significant changes to transport services or attraction details will be added to the website and to associated social media. Any questions please send me an email or message.

Happy exploring!