A public transport adventure from Keswick to Derwent Water and the beautiful Borrowdale valley which includes magnificent scenery throughout and visits some wonderful villages and attractions along the way.


Itinerary summary

Starting at Keswick, you can explore the popular town and its various attractions before taking the wonderful open top 78 bus which heads into Borrowdale alongside Derwent Water. Alight at Grange in Borrowdale village for an easy walk along the crystal-clear River Derwent to Rosthwaite village through the ‘Jaws of Borrowdale’, allowing a real flavour of this spectacular valley. From Rosthwaite you can rejoin the 78 bus which continues through the magnificent Borrowdale valley to its terminus at Seatoller. Then you can take an easy walk to nearby Seathwaite valley with its spectacular scenery and interesting history. The walk returns to Seatoller where you catch the bus back down the valley, returning to Keswick.


This itinerary suggests a few of the best attractions to visit and lists others that you might want to include. It can easily be done in a day, allowing some time to explore attractions at each stop. An example schedule is included along with current prices. The itinerary can be done all year round.

An interactive map is included below. The suggested start is Keswick but of course it can be started anywhere along the route or done in a different order.

The itinerary is available for download as a carefully presented PDF document that you can save to your device in case of no WiFi or phone signal.

Bus, boat and train stop locations are given in What3words format, an easy and precise way to navigate if you download the app.

Keswick & Borrowdale Itinerary

A carefully presented PDF version of the Itinerary is available for download using this link.

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Itinerary map

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